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About Sarbanes Oxley SOX Compliance Software

SOX Expert is a unique software solution specifically engineered to meet and manage your Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), including Sarbanes Oxley and Internal Audit, mandates. Its documentation, testing and reporting capabilities utilize the COSO framework and affords management unparalleled command and control.

SOX Expert utilizes Microsoft Excel for its base so it is easily workstation installed and may be accessed by multiple users via network sharing. A dedicated server is not necessary. Additionally, SOX Expert has been optimized to interface with Microsoft's SharePoint Services.

SOX Expert is user friendly, easy to install and provides management with a crystal clear top down perspective for GRC compliance. Its intuitive design enhances its accuracy in identifying risk, establishing controls and ensuring continuous test monitoring.

SOX Expert not only meets all GRC compliance issues, but also conveys the value added benefit of being easily adapted by the user to serve as your Internal Audit solution.


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  • Provides a coherent framework for all business processes and locations.
  • Monitors all control activities, risk assessment and testing results.
  • Creates test plans, testing worksheets and continuously tracks testing results.
  • Generates all documents necessary to conduct testing of ICOFR for SOX compliance.
  • Encompasses all SEC and PCAOB guidelines.
  • Assures outside audit satisfaction of SOX mandates.
  • Can be used for all your Governance Risk and Complaince (GRC) needs.

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