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SOX Expert TaskMap Features

Features and Benefits



TaskMap Process Mapping Software uses six drawing shapes Anyone can understand a TaskMap® instantly
Complete set of Best Practice maps for 10 critical Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) business processes Quickly determine if there are any major weaknesses in your business processes. Contains everything you need to start your SOX compliance work.
Automated creation of Risk Control Matrices of your internal controls over Financial reporting Provides a comprehensive, visual presentation that allows for clear organization of risks and controls
Risk Assessment database of business processes for more than 800 suggested controls grouped by over 55 sub-processes Eliminates the guess work, establishes key controls, mitigates risk and lowers overall compliance costs
Automated generation of process maps with controls at risk for SOX compliance Identify risks levels and actions necessary to reduce or mitigate their severity. Provides management with a visual representation of overall SOX compliance efforts at the process level
Hyperlinked process maps for simple navigation to next process or sub-process Relationships between processes established based on Best Practices
Business rules and process map validation Built in QA function for all users
Hyperlinking and web publishing Up-to-date, accurate information for all users
Save as Microsoft Project Instantly turn your SOX compliance requirements into a MS Project file
Save as Microsoft PowerPoint Distribute and present SOX processes to everyone
Create a project folder Manages all project files in single folder
User-defined fields Create custom applications without programming in TaskMap 4 Professional
Customize role names Reflects your precise organization structure
Enhanced email hyperlinks Predefine recipients and text of email messages
Individual and enterprise licensing Affordable and IT-friendly management options
Data visualization See key data represented graphically for easier analysis and decision making


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