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SOX Expert Software Products

SOX Expert offers two software products to meet the needs of your organization:

SOX Expert Total Solution


An easy to deploy, easy to customize, scalable total solution for your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements for organization of all sizes. It provides you for all the tools you need for your compliance program:

  • A Risk Control Matrix (RCM) based upon COSO requirements designed so that it can be used for other compliance requirements

  • A Process Risk Analysis (PRA) that allows organizations to critically analyze business process risk and determine that risks are adequately mitigated.

  • A Test Plan that is generated from the Risk Control Matrix that automatically calculates the amount of testing required and ensures that testing is adequately documented.

  • A set of management reports that can be generated at the push of a button that allow you to managed you compliance programs with minimal resource requirements. Companies using this software have been able to reduce the amount of time managing their compliance programs by over 60%.

  • Keep your RCM, PRA and Test Plan in synch at the touch of a button.

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SOX Expert Total Solution Overview


SOX Expert TaskMap Edition


A low-cost, integrated software solution for Sarbanes Oxley compliance (SOX) based on Microsoft Visio and Excel technologies making it simple to use in any financial desktop environment. Based on more than 55 best practice process maps and over 800 SOX compliance controls, the system will shorten audits, reduce risks and cut compliance costs dramatically for large and small organizations alike.

Organizations wanting to rapidly visualize, understand and comply with SOX requirements can use this solution by themselves in a couple of hours, without the need to hire hoards of expensive, external consultants.

The SOX compliance solution is a joint venture between SOX XPress, LLC, creators of SOX Expert Total Solution and a long time provider of SOX compliance and Internal Audit services, and Harvard Computing Group, creators of TaskMap® technologies for the capture and visualization of processes.

Organizations can use the software to streamline their SOX compliance efforts to a matter of days, not weeks. Customers can use the included controls to mitigate risks for more than 800 activities. In addition, the system automatically builds process maps of the affected tasks and highlights controls at risk through color coding. This provides a high-level dashboard for management to determine compliance requirements quickly and without incurring huge costs to get that information.

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SOX Expert TaskMap Edition Overview



  • Provides a coherent framework for all business processes and locations.
  • Monitors all control activities, risk assessment and testing results.
  • Creates test plans, testing worksheets and continuously tracks testing results.
  • Generates all documents necessary to conduct testing of ICOFR for SOX compliance.
  • Encompasses all SEC and PCAOB guidelines.
  • Assures outside audit satisfaction of SOX mandates.
  • Can be used for all your Governance Risk and Complaince (GRC) needs.

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