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Why SOX Expert is the ideal comprehensive GRC / Sarbanes Oxley SOX / Internal Audit compliance software

Finally, an elegantly simple, yet comprehensive Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solution that provides management with more effective control of the entire process through crystal clear top down monitoring and visual remedial alerts.

  • Built in checks, controls and functionality that other software does not offer.

  • SOX Expert is highly cost effective and easy to learn due to its utilization of Microsoft Excel as its platform. No other software, hardware or other specialized equipment is necessary. Implementation, therefore, is quick and easy which significantly reduces implementation fees.

  • Unlike web based products, SOX Expert does not require significant IT assets or armies of dedicated programmers and/or specialists in order to support and maintain it. As a consequence of its unique design and intrinsically lower cost structure, SOX Expert delivers a much higher return on investment than competing GRC software solutions.

  • By providing an accurate top down view of your organization’s entire control profile, SOX Expert puts you in complete control of your GRC compliance effort, not the other way around.

  • SOX Expert has been intuitively engineered to provide built in visual cues to required information and automatic alerts highlighting problematic data entry. The user is then directed unerringly toward acceptable values via drop down boxes.

  • SOX Expert has integrated standardized Risk Control Matrix and Test Plan templates that deliver a comprehensive GRC solution in an easy to use, streamlined format.

  • There is no need to learn new software if you have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.


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1. Your CFO says your SOX Compliance costs are too high.
2. You use more than one software solution to manage your GRC compliance program.
3.You already use Microsoft Excel for your Risk Control Matrix and/or Control Testing.

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4.Your Risk Control Matrix and Test Plans are separate documents that do not dynamically update each other for changes you make.
5.You spend more than 15 minutes each day or 1 hour per week generating management reports to monitor and summarize your controls testing.
6.Your current software is too hard to use or does not automatically produce the management reports you need.
7.You cannot easily explain to your external auditor how your controls have changed year over year.
8.Your software does not alert you to missing information or improper values.
9.Your software does not provide visual highlights for required and/or incomplete testing.
10.Your software does not provide you with an adequate top down control profile of your organization.

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